Children's Day School

The Children's Day School is a private special education school located in Ewing, NJ. The school provides academic and therapeutic programs designed to meet the needs of students in grades k-8 who have been classified with behavior disorders. Many of the children have multiple learning disabilities. The goal is to help each student address his or her educational, emotional, and behavioral difficulties so that they may return to the public school system. Currently the Children's Day School serves students from seven sending school districts throughout Greater Mercer County and beyond. Transportation is provided by the sending school district. The average length of enrollment is two to three years.
The Children's Day School is a member of the National Association of Private Special Education Centers and the Association of Schools and Agencies for the Handicapped (by aaron at tforge). All teachers and social workers have appropriate New Jersey certifications and licenses.

The Day School Curriculum:

The Children's Day School Policy on Harassment/Bullying: 

The Children's Day School Code of Conduct:

The Children's Day School USDA Non-Discrimination Policy

The Children's Day School Nutrition - Wellness Policy

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The Children's Day School Nutrition - Wellness Assessment

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The Children's Day School Tool

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For more information about the Children's Day School, please call (609) 882-2288 or email Bob Pupchik, Principal, at